Here's a secret... because Canadians child abused Chris Berrington and Erin Zimmer they made the human race enter a degeneration mode and it is no longer possible to classify most humans as intelligent sentient life anymore. Once you're a vile piece of shit you can

only get worse because you shouldn't exist at all.

They may appear in control of themselves and sentient but there is something forcing them to live like puppets

because all female spirits in the universe lost the

will to exist after Chris and Erin were violated.

There is truly no reason to exist because it is

actually impossible for any genuine good to ever

exist on earth ever again.

Everything can only possibly be offensive (disgusting)

Paranormal Research

Mickey Mouse - Hey!

Christopher has declared his independence from the Canadians and the British Common Wealth

All the unjustified attacks against me make the entire British Commonwealth less than him which is inferior

and also rejected by God and the very idea of good in the universe

All people who show allegiance to the British Commonwealth can only possible be considered bad

and as such are the lowest forms of life in the universe


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